Paul Soliai-Miami Dolphins-Paul Soliai Foundation

Soliai with the Dolphins in 2009.
Soliai with the Dolphins in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Paul Soliai Foundation (PSF) has a mission to help underprivileged Pacific Islander students become successful in the arts and education. This youth development foundation makes sure that not only will the students go to college, but they will succeed. The focus is to mentor and tutor through resources such as an after school program. PSF works to give a safe environment that will help the Pacific Island children, most loving in poverty. With this organization Soliai and PSF recognized that there is a problem that was far more advanced than they could have ever imagined and something needed to be done about it. They know that everyone from teachers, business leaders, and yes athletes must be able to engage and educate in order to make a better way for the children. With projects such as University of Utah Study Abroad in kingdom of Tonga 2012 and the Paul Soliai Foundation Fund raiser you know this is a cause worth fighting for in order to bring awareness to the children of Pacific island.

For more information, please go to and see how you can become a part of this great cause!

We thank you Paul for all that you do!

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